The housing market can be competitive. Getting a pre-inspection will benefit you, as the seller, by finding any unforeseen issues and allowing you to “tune up” your home prior to that Realtor and excited buyer knocking on your door. A pre-inspection can also eliminate potential closing delays, enabling a quicker purchasing process. A completed inspection report will not only give potential buyers confidence in their purchase, but you as well, knowing your home is safe for future families.

A home inspection is always a great idea. If your new loan is a VA or FHA loan, they require a pest report on the home along with the standard home inspection report. A typical Home Inspector cannot provide this without proper certification. Choosing the right Inspector for your home is critical. A trained Structural Pest Inspector (SPI) adheres to all the same inspection criteria as a Home Inspector, but we go even further and investigate all the accessible areas of the home for problem causing Wood Destroying Organisms. We include a pest report along with the home inspection report.


Did you know, non-SPI licensed Home Inspectors are not allowed to identify any Wood Destroying Organisms (WDO’s) when doing their inspection? According to the Washington State Standards of Practice, a non-SPI Home Inspector is only allowed to use vague verbiage such as “evidence of moisture exposure,” “evidence of WDO’s, consult with a licensed Pest contractor” or even “signs of organic growth.” Connelly Inspection Services has completed all training for certification and licensing for Structural Pest Inspections. This allows us to identify and specifically name any potential structural problems a home might have. WDO’s are not solely termites, but also encompass a whole group of organisms that can cause major damage to a home. Higher than normal moisture levels inside, under, and above the home will attract wood destroying organisms such as; wood rot (fungi), carpenter ants, moisture ants, termites, anobiid beetles and much more! Over time, these little critters can cause damage to structural members of the home. The untrained eye will not always catch these issues so let us do the dirty work and we will find any issues before they turn into something major.

Buying a home is one of the largest investments you will ever make in your life. The stress of moving, unpacking, and getting your family settled is very stressful. The last thing on your mind is the potential damages or unforeseen repairs lurking outside or under your home. A Home Inspection empowers you with the information you need to make an informed purchase decision. Let us find any necessary repairs ahead of time so they can be addressed before you take possession and move in.

Congratulations! You built your dream home exactly the way you wanted it.  Nearly a year has passed and the one-year warranty provided by the builder is only a few months away. We can inspect your home for common teething issues that arise. New homes settle the most in the 1st year after they are built. Caulking fails, drain lines come loose, soil settles creating drainage issues… All these problems can, and should, be covered by the builder if identified within the warranty period. We recommend scheduling your one-year inspection at the 10th or 11th month to ensure you stay within the warranty period and avoid getting denied any important repairs by your builder. Nobody wants these repairs to come out of their own pocket! Check your calendar and call or email us today to get the process started.

Refinancing or purchasing a modular or manufactured home? More than likely your lender will require a foundation certification before the sale can be completed. We have teamed up with one of the best engineering companies available to quickly get your foundation certified in a 24hr or faster turnaround time! We make it easy to book an appointment online and we’ll help make sure you have all the information you need. We can also do a home inspection on the home for you at the same time, just let us know!

What We Check

What We Check